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IFCore makes your content easily accessible, wherever your users
are - with no cost and minimal set-up.
Connecting your audience with what matters.
Welcome to IFCore
Every organization faces a unique set of obstacles, but communication presents a consistent challenge for civil society organizations and independent media outlets, especially in censored environments. Recognizing that many of these groups were unable to devote the resources needed to overcome technology and communication barriers, Psiphon launched IFCore, a program designed to connect program partners with their audiences.

Easy to use and free of charge, IFCore reduces the time, effort and technological know-how required to get your message out and affect change. Our goal is to provide a unique method for partners to communicate with their audience.
What we can do for you
IFCore simplifies the process of communicating with your clients. Every time your users launch the app, they are directed to your website or landing page. Only then can they use the app to access the Internet at large. Partners can use our existing Psiphon app with their own branding or access our framework to build their own app, delivering users straight to their message.
Powered by Psiphon
Psiphon makes and maintains free, open source software tools and operates a robust, resilient censorship circumvention network trusted by millions of people worldwide since 2006.
Psiphon infrastructure is available to supported organizations in the following three categories:
Psiphon Client
Share a branded version of Psiphon with your users, bringing them straight to your content and giving them access to the open internet. This branded app will maintain a secure tunnel to the internet, ensuring your content always reaches those who need it.
Library Integration
Use our framework to build your app - whether on iOS or Android, Psiphon integration provides resilience to network interference. We also provide developmental support- just ask.
Other Network Infrastructure
Psiphon servers, protocols, and network resources that can be used by circumvention tool developers and other network providers.
Potential Partners
All NGOs, independent media organizations, and app developers faced with internet censorship are encouraged to request IFCore partnership. Access will be granted on the basis of demonstrated need, anticipated ability to reach a broader population with tools facilitating uncensored access to the open internet, and expected benefits to civil society in your country/region of focus.
Become a Partner
If you think your organization or group could benefit from the IFCore project, connect with us.
You can also forward the answers directly to: